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Random in the lowlands

amsterdam night 1200

Night time exposure in Amsterdam with a view on the Old Church  (oude kerk) during dusk.

200 grach 1200px

Daytime long exposure (one minute plus) of the grachten of Amsterdam. People, boats, anything moving disappeared and turned the water nice and smooth.

scheveningen small 2

Long Exposure at Scheveningen. Not really sure why I left it in color, its tinted and doesn’t really add much to the image. Also the water didn’t smooth out as nicely as I expected. Should have close the aperture more and gone for at least a 4 minute exposure.


200 secs 1200px

Long exposure at the Dam with a view of the Palace. Lots of tourists around and street performers who all slowly turn blurry and invisible.


scheveningen small

Minimalistic sunset over Scheveningen Pier which is for sale for 1 euro. (the pier not the photo).



GIF taken at Kinderdijk, one of the major tourist attraction where you can visit windmills.


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Long exposure in Aruba

I joined a friend some time ago to Mangel Halto, an spot in Aruba where surprisingly I had never been before. Surprisingly because Aruba is not that big and I’ve lived there for a long time. I brought along my welding glass contraption and took some daytime long exposure photo’s. All of the photo’s were at least 60 seconds of exposure.


aruba long exposure (3)



aruba long exposure (2)



aruba long exposure (1)



aruba long exposure (5)



aruba long exposure (4)

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Aruba: Island among the Clouds

A timelapse video I shot in Aruba. I visited various location around the island always waiting for the perfect day with lots of clouds. I love the surreal vision of clouds rushing by. Please watch it in HD for a better experience. The song was by Moby licensed through mobygratis.com

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