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South of Spain

Photos taken in Southern Spain. They are from Sevilla, Cordoba and Grenada.

I used a Canon 500 SLR with a 1.8 Canon lens and Hema (Dutch branded) 200 film.

I don’t remember why I left in the sprockets when scanning the photos but it looks okay so there it is.

hema film 200 (2)

Taken outside of the Mezquita a.k.a. The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba. I didn’t shoot film inside only digital. But I should share those photo’s, it was a really impressive place.

hema film 200 (1)



hema film 200 (3)



hema film 200 (4)



hema film 200 (5)



hema film 200 (6)



hema film 200 (7)



hema film 200 (8)


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Mezquita de Cordoba

In 2012 we visited the South of Spain and one of day trips was to Cordoba to visit the mosque/cathedral of Cordoba. It’s huge and very interesting because of its history of switching between a mosque and cathedral. Currently the building is used as a cathedral and Islamic prayers are not allowed.

My Canon ultra wideangle came in very handy. One the many Unesco World heritage site we’ve visited in the world. I should make a list one day to see which ones we have been to.

I’ve also noticed when editing these photos that it is hard to keep the lines straight. Especially in such a building with many different lines and using a wideangle lens it is very easy to get crooked lines and distorted perspectives. Not real advice, but keep that in mind.

done first





































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