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My Konica failure


My Konica slide film failure. I think I got this roll of film from a lady of whom I bought a spinner 360 from. I don’t exactly remember. So first of all the film was probably pretty expired, never properly stored cold and for some reason I decided slide was the best choice to shoot lots of night shots without a tripod. Yeah, that’s not exactly a recipe for success. You didn’t stand a chance you pool roll of Centuria film. Enough with the chit chat bring on the photos.

lostaruban konica centuria film

You can see the heavy purple haze that I had to remove. This photo wasn’t actually as badly underexposed as my other night shots. I’ve seen this type of heavy purple tinting with expired film before and especially when cross processing. But in this case I developed them as slidefilm and holding it in my hand and looking at them with a light source they don’t look as bad as my scans.


lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (13)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (14)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (24)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (25)

You can really see what the underexposure does to the shadows. Trying to save the shot in Photoshop really brings out some ugly blotches. I think I could have made it a bit better with some type of noise removal program, but at this point I don’t feel like putting more effort into these images. I just have to learn my lesson and take better ones the next time.


lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (26)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (29)


The daytime photos turned out a bit better, but the heavy purple cast was still present and removing it left the colors a bit muddy.


lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (17)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (18)


The following photos I took in Silmido. I still haven’t seen the movie thought I heard good things about it. We looked online to figure out exactly when the tide is low and you cross to the island. There were quite a few people camping on its neighbour island Muuido.


lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (16)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (6)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (7)

It was quite foggy and moody. Too bad my photos don’t really reflect that.

I asked a friend her opinion about Silmido and she had the following to say:

a) silmido is sad

B)i didnt watch the movie (boohoo)


lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (8)




lostaruban konica centuria 200 film (10)


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Film Review: AGFA APX 400 Black and White

IMG_6761 copy

The following photos were taken in Seoul, South Korea with my Olympus Mju2 aka MjuII aka Epic Stylus.


F1030005 copy

F1030007 copy

F1030011 copyF1030015 copy

F1030026 copy

F1030029 copy

F1030034 copy


Pretty good film. It was my first time shooting with APX 400. Relatively little grain. I will pick this up again.

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Sprocket Rocket Camera Review

sprocket rocket

I bought my Sprocket Rocket 2 weeks ago and finally got my first roll back. And I am impressed. Impressed enough that this will replace my Holga as my new sprocket creating mayhem wonder. No lightleaks, no overlapping images, not dealing with gaffers tape, no liquids pouring out, this camera has it all.

roll one 15

It is also very wide. Wider than I expected. The lens is nice and sharp and the focus mechanism is nice and simple. I’m loving it.These were shot using Solaris 200 film by Ferrania. They give the distinct “plus” “minus” look around the upper sprockets.

roll one 4

Next is to try to some night shots in bulb mode. I am also waiting for a flash from Ebay so I can try out some flash photography with the Rocket. But this is probably the best first roll of film I’ve ever gotten back. Congratulations Sprocket Rocket, you just made the team !

Roll one

roll one 7

roll one 12

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Ferrania Solaris 400 Color

solaris roll film

A film review of Ferrania Solaris 400. Very little noise for a 400  negative film. Colors are well-represented and I can’t say much more than that. This only the second time I’ve shot a  roll of Solaris ( the first one came packaged with my (Golden Half). This was all with my Olympus Mju2.





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Disderi three lens robot camera

disderi camera

The Disderi 3-lens toy camera also known as the Robot camera is plastic toy camera with either 2, 3 or even 4 lenses. I got the 3-lens version as a gift a couple of years ago.(thanks Dahmee!) It’s a very basic toy camera without a hot-shoe or viewfinder or any other type of setting. Since there are no settings, its better to load it up with fast film and head out on a sunny day. Find dynamic subject that really show the movement that this camera able of capturing. Not all three lenses fire at the same time, there is some type of wheel and the pictures get taken consequentially.

Below is the first roll of film I put through the Disderi a couple of years ago in the US. Probably taken with some Konica film that I used to be able to find for $1 at the dollar store under their “memories” brand.


disderi 2



Below are the latest results of pictures I got from the last roll of film I put through the Disderi. Taken in various places in Singapore. It was an expired roll of Fuji 100 Sensia film. It had some very pink highlights and green shadows. I used Photoshop to reduce the pink highlights.







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Lucky shd 100 Film Review


IMG_9168 copy

Lucky 100 SHD Black and White film all the way from China. Google told me it’s specifically produced in Baoding in the Hebei province. Wiki then told me that those metal balls people move around in one hand that you find in Asian gift in the west are actually originally from Baoding and also carry its name and then twitter told me to shut up 😦

Lucky 100 2

So moving on, this is a very affordable film (=cheap). It works well, normal exposure, fine tones, not grainy (shouldn’t be since its 100 film).
Nice and cheap, what’s not to like?

lucky 100 3

The photo’s were shot with my Olympus mju II or Epic Stylus for you ‘mericans or µ2 for you perfectionists out there.

lucky 100 4

Lucky 100

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Lomo 400 color Film Review

This was a gift from my girlfriend. ( seriously, if you need to buy a gift for somebody who is into film photograhpy just buy him/her a bunch of different types of film, its fun to experiment). So the camera/marketing company brought out their own types of branded film and this is the 400 color negative version.


I took this film and my Canon SLR 500 along to London. It was winter (its fun when the pilot announces that the airport at your destination is closed due to snow and having to take a 4 hour cramped bus ride after 25 hrs of traveling). Now where was I? Oh yeah, London.

lomo 400 grain

Colorwise I thought this film was fine, it was just much noisier then expected. I don’t know if it was this particular roll or the scanning method, but having shot 400 color film before I didn’t expect the amount of grain.


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