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Pinhole on the road again

I took my wide angle pinhole Sharan on the road again. I used some Fuji Superia 200 and visited different places in Seoul. I guessed the exposure times and overexposed a number of the shots resulting in some color shifts. The photos that had too much of a color shift to fix I turned into black and white shots as you can see when you  scroll down.



seoul pinhole lostaruban  (11)





seoul pinhole lostaruban  (12)

This was probably my favourite photo of the roll. If you look at the path you can see the movement of the various hikers moving from right to left, especially the one person in a purple jacket.




seoul pinhole lostaruban  (5)





seoul pinhole lostaruban  (13)

These photos really work much better than the original color version.




seoul pinhole lostaruban  (8)





seoul pinhole lostaruban  (9)





seoul pinhole lostaruban  (10)

The white ghost like figure is a person in a bunny suit. The pinhole is so wide it even captured our shoes.




seoul pinhole lostaruban  (4)


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No lens, just a hole

I took my Sharan pinhole wide camera out for some photos around Seoul. I thought I had cleaned up the frame from unnecessary tape, but the photos showed I didn’t. The tape was there to make sure the camera was lightproof which it very much was this time. No sneaky light shining on my film.


First up are some exposures at night. I think the exposure was around a minute or so. I should have written it down. But like I said before, negative film is pretty forgiving so night shots regularly turn up nicely for me.


The subject is Namdaemun, the famous ancient south gate of Seoul. Burned a couple of years ago, but now nicely restored.


The rest of the photos were taken all over Seoul. Usually with an exposure time of around 4/5 seconds. I cropped out the sprockets to give you a feeling that this camera really gives you a wide perspective.














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Pinhole in the Netherlands

done1After a couple of years I gave the old Sharan pinhole camera a try again. This time it went okay. I timed the exposure times to about 7 seconds, counting in my head and considering they were mostly cloudy days ( what else to expect in the Netherlands?). The edge of the framing is weird because I added a whole bunch of black tape to prevent light leaks ( see here for that disaster). But I think I may have went overboard with it. I’ve cleaned up the tape now.  I also thought it would be interesting to show the sprockets. I feel it gives the image a bit more body, otherwise they are a bit skinny.




done sample together 500And as I have mentioned before, don’t forget to edit your photo’s.





Accidental double exposure.

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Pinhole Reboot and Failure

I gave my DIY Sharan WideAngle pinhole camera another try and I didn’t do that much better than the first time. I love the wideness of it and the slowness of shooting with a pinhole but it’s obvious I am having a major case of lightleaks. I will try this camera again and I will plug it up with a whole lot of tape and prayer.

Anybody have any experience with makes a pinhole camera 100% lightproof?

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (2)

Notice how the long exposure turns people into phantoms. Also see below

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (1)

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (3)

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (4)

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (5)

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (6)

sharan wideangle pinhole camera (7)

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Sharan Wideangle Pinhole DIY Camera Review

This was my first experience building a camera. It was an anniversary gift from my thoughtful girlfriend. Sadly the package only came with a Japanese only manual, but thanks to the this amazing set of connected tubes called the internet I was able to contact somebody at Sharan and get the English PFD instructions.

sharan wide wideangle pinhole

I put on some relaxing music and went to work. It took about one hour to put everything together and I was very careful not to touch the plate with the actual pinhole worried I would plug it up with some piece of dead skin or something.

sharan pinhole wideangle (1)
I threw in Agfa Vista 100 film and went on my merry way to Haw Par Villa. It was my first time shooting with a pinhole and I didn’t feel like using a  tripod so I just had to look around to find stable platforms because of the 4 to 5 second recommended exposure.

sharan pinhole wideangle (2)

After picking up my scans I immediately noticed light leaks and some more light leaks. I had to do my best to contain these red streaks, but I did fire up another roll in my pinhole for another round of photos.

sharan pinhole wideangle (3)


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