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Double Exposure 3


My third time going for double exposures. This time I kept notes, noting what was on each image, so I could try to match up thematically. It was kinda a success. Why don’t you decide?



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Double the exposure, double the fun

I saw Ndroo’s (great Singaporean photography blogger) awesome double exposure photo’s some time back and I wanted to do something similar. I followed his instructions which are found here. But when I was putting up negatives to my laptop screen I was wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to just shoot images on my laptop screen.




I would be able to find more unique picture and have more control. I set up my tripod and went to work. I scoured the internet and found suitable images. I didn’t want images with a lot of detail of small pieces. Very clear two color images with a strong edge. I followed the instructions and shot 1 stop under, but looking at my pictures now I will shoot my next roll at the correct exposure just to make sure the white are non-transparent.


I did have trouble pulling the film back out of the roll. I tried various methods including licking another piece of negative and sliding that in which didn’t work but I did get to taste film chemicals for the first time. I tried cutting small hooks in another film roll which also didn’t work.My last and worst idea was tying a piece of string to the end of film so I could pull it out later, I don’t have to tell you that failed miserably.  In the end I had the people at my filmlab pull out the film leader and luckily they didn’t ask why there was a piece of string tied to my film.


I used my Canon EOS 500 SLR and Kodak Tungsten Film. I chose to use my Canon film SLR, because it always positions the film in the same way so they images will always overlap perfectly. The Kodak Tungsten was expired and cross-processed which explains the blueish color shift.


I think this is a really fun and creative project. I hope this inspires you to go out and shoot some, like it inspired me.



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Double Exposure 2


This was my second roll of double exposures. You can find my first roll here. It was a random experiment, I didn’t know which frames contained what text. I had better results when I did prepare and wrote which frames I had shot what on, you can see those photos here.


This was a roll of Fuji Superia 200 in my Canon SLR 500 shot around Singapore and the original images found online and shot in the dark on my laptop.








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