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An old Russian Camera and a autumn weekend in Seoul

I’ve had the Lubitel for about 6 years now and I think I’ve shot a total of 6 rolls through it. That’s a pretty poor average. I just never really got the hang of it. It is missing some small pieces in the back leading to some lightleaks. I tape it up pretty well before shooting with it but even then light still manages to sneak in. But the whole photographic process is so different with a TLR that it still is kinda fun when using it. The exposures come out pretty well even though I don’t have a lightmeter and just guess most of the exposures.


lomo 120 color film lostaruban (2)

So I threw in some Lomo 100 film in the Lubitel and took it out into Seoul for some photos. Surprisingly the Lomo roll was the cheapest roll of film I was able to find on the website I normally buy my film from. I am pretty sure that is not the normal Lomo pricing strategy.

lomo 120 color film lostaruban (1)





seoul lubitel lomo film (1)





seoul lubitel lomo film (2)





seoul lubitel lomo film (3)

Huge Buddha statue looking out over Coex Mall.




seoul lubitel lomo film (4)

This statue made this this great recorded chant. It gave me an ephemeral feeling.




seoul lubitel lomo film (5)





seoul lubitel lomo film (6)





seoul lubitel lomo film (7)

As in most photos you can see the lightleak in the top right of the photo.




seoul lubitel lomo film (9)





seoul lubitel lomo film (11)





seoul lubitel lomo film (12)

I always like the aesthetic from the square framing that a TLR produces. Using a small magnifying glass in the viewfinder makes focussing a lot easier.


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Lubitel failed comeback

I tried my lubitel again after a couple of years. My first roll I shot with it was unusable. That was due to using an expired roll of lucky black and white film. This time I put in a fresh roll of Lomo 100 color film. I taped up the Lubitel in order to reduce lightleaks and downloaded a lightmeter app and put it on my phone.

lomo 120 film lostaruban (2)


lomo 120 film lostaruban (1)

The end results wasn’t great. The light leaks are still there. I need more than just tape and maybe next time I will cover the lubitel  in a roll of aluminium foil. Also the exposure slide is loose and moved down a couple of times leading to very exposed photos which don’t fix up well in post processing. I still have a roll of 120 film left but unsure if I wanna use the lubtiel again.























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