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Ecuador: Analog and Sprockets

We managed to visit the animal market of Otavalo twice. I liked it. The chaos, the animals, the sounds, smells and crazy volcanoes in the background. I was never sure if the animals were bought for food, pets or calculating abilities. Highly recommended for those who find themselves in Otavalo. Note the market is only on Saturdays and starts early and ends by noon. So get there on time and bargain hard if you are in the market for some cows.





The following are random shots in Otavalo and Cuenca. Just imagine any interesting yet funny anecdote to go along with the photos. The last three taken with some Kodak Gold film.

edited (3)

edited (2)

edited (1)



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Partying with Sprockets

Return of the sprocket rocket loaded with some bright Fuji Superia film. It was Halloween in Guayaquil, Ecuador so what else to do? Go online, find a party on couchsurfing, throw on some freshly purchased wigs, bring along local rum and party on.


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