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Analogue Ecuador and Sprockets

The mighty sprocket rocket in Ecuador packed with some fresh Kodak Portra 160 film. Unlike Superia the sprockets have no cool color or patterns but its still a great film. Especially when you have enough light.


View over the capital of Quito.




Near the equator. Llama or alpaca or vicuña. Sad I forgot how to look for the differences. I guess I would wiki it, but that would require actual effort.



Fun buggy. A bit scary when big trucks and busses pass you, plus the sound system wasn’t great. Lack of bass.


Valley of waterfalls near Banos. Great drive in our mini buggy.



It helps to throw on a flash on the sprocket rocket. There often isn’t enough light for close up portraits. Also remember to change the focus settings. Well if you care about things being in focus and all, I’m not judging.


The start of the rainforests in Ecuador.



View of the lovely Banos. (too lazy to look up to put the squiggly line on top of the “n” of banos)  The city in South America we probably spent the most time in. Also once we found this great restaurant, we never ate anywhere else. Pretty amazing place.



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Nishika in the Netherlands

My Nishika in the Netherlands.










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Nishika Singapore

Nishika 3D gif (1)

My Nishika, some fuji superia film, a flash and beer.

The result: 3-D magic.

Nishika 3D gif (2)


Nishika 3D gif (3)


Nishika 3D gif (4)


Nishika 3D gif (5)


Nishika 3D gif (6)


Nishika 3D gif (7)


Nishika 3D gif (8)

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Nishika hits Europe


More, more 3-D photos. This time in the latest black & white technology. Ever wonder what happens when Fomapan 100 Black & White film meets a plastic 4-lens Nishika camera and go at it in Paris and Amsterdam? Well wonder no more !

Give this page some time to load. These GIFS are heavy. Unless you are here from the future on some crazy laser moon speed internet connection then nevermind.


















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A long long time ago in a country far away I got a splitcam as a gift. This light yellow black camera is designed to take double exposures with a nifty slot covering part of the lens. I shot one roll in it, the film got stuck so I never shot with it again. Until last summer in Aruba, I gave this old camera another spin and here are the results. It did get stuck again so I was never able to finish the roll but I did get the film developed.

splitcam aruba (1)

splitcam aruba (2)

splitcam aruba (3)

splitcam aruba (4)

splitcam aruba (5)

splitcam aruba (6)

splitcam aruba (7)

splitcam aruba (8)

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Disderi three lens robot camera

disderi camera

The Disderi 3-lens toy camera also known as the Robot camera is plastic toy camera with either 2, 3 or even 4 lenses. I got the 3-lens version as a gift a couple of years ago.(thanks Dahmee!) It’s a very basic toy camera without a hot-shoe or viewfinder or any other type of setting. Since there are no settings, its better to load it up with fast film and head out on a sunny day. Find dynamic subject that really show the movement that this camera able of capturing. Not all three lenses fire at the same time, there is some type of wheel and the pictures get taken consequentially.

Below is the first roll of film I put through the Disderi a couple of years ago in the US. Probably taken with some Konica film that I used to be able to find for $1 at the dollar store under their “memories” brand.


disderi 2



Below are the latest results of pictures I got from the last roll of film I put through the Disderi. Taken in various places in Singapore. It was an expired roll of Fuji 100 Sensia film. It had some very pink highlights and green shadows. I used Photoshop to reduce the pink highlights.







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Analog Paparazzi

I went to a party met some cool people and took some photos. This was actually the second party and I don’t quite recall all the details on how I got there. But the important facts were that A) there was a bathtub full of beer B) a kitchen full of Satay and peanut butter sauce C) friendly folks.

I brought along my Golden Half camera filled with Agfa Vista 400 film. And because it was indoors I brought along a flash which I was firing off camera with the help of some cheap Yongnuo flash triggers. This was my first time experimenting with it and the results weren’t too bad. I really like the fact that such a small camera has hot shoe. So if it’s there, why not use it?

Golden Half Flash (22)

Some of the photos were overexposed due to the 400 film plus non-adjustable flash and closeness of the flash and the blood-alcohol level of all involved parties. The photos were also very grainy which may be due to the expired film or the scanning of the lab I use. Around that time they had gotten new equipment and their scanning wasn’t great. At a later date when I will finally get a scanner will rescan these negs and see whose fault it is. Place your bets now ! Banzai !


Golden Half Flash (4)

On the left you can see the people handholding the flash. People were eager to get their photo taken by this weird small film camera and me handholding the flash.

Golden Half Flash (1)

Golden Half Flash (7)

Golden Half Flash (9)

The Golden Half is great for just firing of shots at a party , since you get 72 photos from this half-frame monster on a 36 exposure roll. Just make sure your flash can keep up. I was using a cheap $10 holga flash I got on Ebay, so the recycle time was quite slow.


Golden Half Flash (19)

Golden Half Flash (21)

Golden Half Flash (10)

Golden Half Flash (14)

Golden Half Flash (16)

Golden Half Flash (17)

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