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Black & White & Dirty

I got a couple of rolls of rerolled Ilford 200 film from an online store here in Korea. I don’t know if it was the film itself or the development, but all the rolls I shot had these scratches, marks and stains on them.

These were all shot with my canon slr and Ilford 200 film.

lostaruban (9)




lostaruban (15)




lostaruban (16)




lostaruban (18)




lostaruban (22)




lostaruban (3)




lostaruban (5)


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Olympus Pen in Black and White


This was the second roll ever I put through my Olympus Pen EE3. It was a Kodak TMY 400. Fairly grainy but to be honest I expected more. I really tried to make use of the half frame to compose images next to each other that made sense. Makes it different from using other camera’s.












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Film Review: AGFA APX 400 Black and White

IMG_6761 copy

The following photos were taken in Seoul, South Korea with my Olympus Mju2 aka MjuII aka Epic Stylus.


F1030005 copy

F1030007 copy

F1030011 copyF1030015 copy

F1030026 copy

F1030029 copy

F1030034 copy


Pretty good film. It was my first time shooting with APX 400. Relatively little grain. I will pick this up again.

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Nishika hits Europe


More, more 3-D photos. This time in the latest black & white technology. Ever wonder what happens when Fomapan 100 Black & White film meets a plastic 4-lens Nishika camera and go at it in Paris and Amsterdam? Well wonder no more !

Give this page some time to load. These GIFS are heavy. Unless you are here from the future on some crazy laser moon speed internet connection then nevermind.


















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Lucky shd 100 Film Review


IMG_9168 copy

Lucky 100 SHD Black and White film all the way from China. Google told me it’s specifically produced in Baoding in the Hebei province. Wiki then told me that those metal balls people move around in one hand that you find in Asian gift in the west are actually originally from Baoding and also carry its name and then twitter told me to shut up 😦

Lucky 100 2

So moving on, this is a very affordable film (=cheap). It works well, normal exposure, fine tones, not grainy (shouldn’t be since its 100 film).
Nice and cheap, what’s not to like?

lucky 100 3

The photo’s were shot with my Olympus mju II or Epic Stylus for you ‘mericans or µ2 for you perfectionists out there.

lucky 100 4

Lucky 100

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Kodak 400 Tmax Film Review

400 tmax

Kodak Black and White 400 Tmax. Shot with my Canon 500 and 50mm 1.8. A smooth grain black and white film. Not as much contrast as I am looking for in Black and White film, but easily remedied in any editing program.

tmax  400 5

Friend of mine

tmax 400 2

Thaipusam image I shot to finish this roll. Look for other thaipusam photos on the rest of my blog.

tmax 400 3

Peaches in concert in Singapore and yes thats an outfit made of breasts.

tmax 400

Outside at Clarke Quay.

tmax 400 4

My favorite image from the roll.

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Fuji Neopan 1600 Film review

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (5)


Fuji Neopan 1600. This is the fastest film I’ve ever shot. I shot this in combination with my Canon SLR 500 and 50mm lens. Shooting wide open at 1.8 and 1600 film means I’m able to photograph in almost any dark situation. I don’t shoot too often in such dark circumstances so it’s usefulness to me is questionable.

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (2)

These were shot all over Singapore

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (1)

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (3)

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (4)

fuji neopan 1600 black white film (6)

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