Lubitel failed comeback

I tried my lubitel again after a couple of years. My first roll I shot with it was unusable. That was due to using an expired roll of lucky black and white film. This time I put in a fresh roll of Lomo 100 color film. I taped up the Lubitel in order to reduce lightleaks and downloaded a lightmeter app and put it on my phone.

lomo 120 film lostaruban (2)


lomo 120 film lostaruban (1)

The end results wasn’t great. The light leaks are still there. I need more than just tape and maybe next time I will cover the lubitel  in a roll of aluminium foil. Also the exposure slide is loose and moved down a couple of times leading to very exposed photos which don’t fix up well in post processing. I still have a roll of 120 film left but unsure if I wanna use the lubtiel again.
























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