No lens, just a hole

I took my Sharan pinhole wide camera out for some photos around Seoul. I thought I had cleaned up the frame from unnecessary tape, but the photos showed I didn’t. The tape was there to make sure the camera was lightproof which it very much was this time. No sneaky light shining on my film.


First up are some exposures at night. I think the exposure was around a minute or so. I should have written it down. But like I said before, negative film is pretty forgiving so night shots regularly turn up nicely for me.


The subject is Namdaemun, the famous ancient south gate of Seoul. Burned a couple of years ago, but now nicely restored.


The rest of the photos were taken all over Seoul. Usually with an exposure time of around 4/5 seconds. I cropped out the sprockets to give you a feeling that this camera really gives you a wide perspective.















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