Morocco: Land of Extremes


A weird thought, but we never really considered the weather when booking a flight to Morocco in the summer. Temperatures are normally a non-factor for us but when you get to a place where it is 47 degrees (for you Americans out there that’s 117) at 11am it suddenly becomes a major factor.

The following are photos I took in Marrakesh and Fez.


This cat lived in a hole outside out Rhiad. There were so many cats along the streets of Marrakesh and Fez. Not many of them looking healthy.



The yellow hides are treated leather. The whole place smelled quite bad due to the chemicals and urine they use to treat the leather. An almost hellish environment to work in. We saw many children working the leather tanning pits.



shopy4vintage no magenta




The markets are very photogenic but everybody is approaching you to visit their store. And I often got the feeling if I took a photo of somebody’s storefront they would demand payment.



It look empty because I think sane people were inside with air-conditioning or a swimming pool filled with ice. It was very surreal. If felt like you were standing too close to an open oven.



Old town of Marrakesh and Fez felt like were designed by a sadistic cityplanner with the capabilities of a potato. If 8 locals, googlemaps plus a mailman does not know the street and hotel you are trying to find then all hope is lost.


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