Sprocket Rocket Camera Review

sprocket rocket

I bought my Sprocket Rocket 2 weeks ago and finally got my first roll back. And I am impressed. Impressed enough that this will replace my Holga as my new sprocket creating mayhem wonder. No lightleaks, no overlapping images, not dealing with gaffers tape, no liquids pouring out, this camera has it all.

roll one 15

It is also very wide. Wider than I expected. The lens is nice and sharp and the focus mechanism is nice and simple. I’m loving it.These were shot using Solaris 200 film by Ferrania. They give the distinct “plus” “minus” look around the upper sprockets.

roll one 4

Next is to try to some night shots in bulb mode. I am also waiting for a flash from Ebay so I can try out some flash photography with the Rocket. But this is probably the best first roll of film I’ve ever gotten back. Congratulations Sprocket Rocket, you just made the team !

Roll one

roll one 7

roll one 12


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