Sharan Wideangle Pinhole DIY Camera Review

This was my first experience building a camera. It was an anniversary gift from my thoughtful girlfriend. Sadly the package only came with a Japanese only manual, but thanks to the this amazing set of connected tubes called the internet I was able to contact somebody at Sharan and get the English PFD instructions.

sharan wide wideangle pinhole

I put on some relaxing music and went to work. It took about one hour to put everything together and I was very careful not to touch the plate with the actual pinhole worried I would plug it up with some piece of dead skin or something.

sharan pinhole wideangle (1)
I threw in Agfa Vista 100 film and went on my merry way to Haw Par Villa. It was my first time shooting with a pinhole and I didn’t feel like using a  tripod so I just had to look around to find stable platforms because of the 4 to 5 second recommended exposure.

sharan pinhole wideangle (2)

After picking up my scans I immediately noticed light leaks and some more light leaks. I had to do my best to contain these red streaks, but I did fire up another roll in my pinhole for another round of photos.

sharan pinhole wideangle (3)



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