Reading Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reading Market 2

If you pick up any guidebook on Philadelphia, Reading Market is mentioned as one of the city’s most interesting places to visit and I would have to agree with that. The End. Wait, no I got more to tell you about this market. It is a nice mixture of a true market with plenty of wares to buy combined with lots of small food places.

Reading Market vintage

One of these places is Tommy Dinic’s where I noticed one of my main fav foods on its very short and specialized menu and also a huge line, both a good sign for good eatin’. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with provolone and my first thought was how huge it was. After taking a bite my second bite was how delicious it was. I won’t bore you with my third to twentieth thought,but my twenty-first thought was ” How in Pete’s name did I manage to finish that whole sandwich and I don’t think I can stand up”.

Reading market four plus
Walking around Reading market you will notice some stalls being served by Amish people due to the proximity of Philadelphia to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It is a lively market with many different items being offered ranging from ice-cream to seafood to organic grown veggies.

Reading Candy

It’s a covered market place lacking much light, so crank up your ISO ( specifically your cameras ISO) and slap on a fast lens and get shooting.


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