Lucky shd 100 Film Review


IMG_9168 copy

Lucky 100 SHD Black and White film all the way from China. Google told me it’s specifically produced in Baoding in the Hebei province. Wiki then told me that those metal balls people move around in one hand that you find in Asian gift in the west are actually originally from Baoding and also carry its name and then twitter told me to shut up 😦

Lucky 100 2

So moving on, this is a very affordable film (=cheap). It works well, normal exposure, fine tones, not grainy (shouldn’t be since its 100 film).
Nice and cheap, what’s not to like?

lucky 100 3

The photo’s were shot with my Olympus mju II or Epic Stylus for you ‘mericans or µ2 for you perfectionists out there.

lucky 100 4

Lucky 100


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