Lomo 800 Color film

lomo 800 35mm film (1)

The following pictures are taken with Lomo 800 Negative film taken with my Olympus Mju2 aka MjuII aka Stylus Epic.

lomo 800 35mm film (2)

Because of the pretty small size the of the Mju2 it is good for more inconspicuous shots. Also because 800film  is so fast in combination with the 2.8 lens I felt pretty sure there was enough light for a focused and well exposed frame.

lomo 800 film 35 mm (2)

The higher you go with asa, the more grain you expect. The lomo 800 does pretty well in well lit situations and not much grain is noticeable.

lomo 800 film 35 mm (1)

The film also does well with flash photography. There is grain noticeable in the dark areas of the image but not to the detriment of the photograph.

lomo 800 9


A film used in more exceptional situations. I was pretty satisfied with its performance in low light situations while using flash, but I wonder if 400 film would have done the job just as well.

In certain images ( like the example posted above) the grain was really bad showing lots of tiny white spots in the black portions of the image especially when it is overexposed.

lomo 800 film 35 mm (3)


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