Lomo 400 color Film Review

This was a gift from my girlfriend. ( seriously, if you need to buy a gift for somebody who is into film photograhpy just buy him/her a bunch of different types of film, its fun to experiment). So the camera/marketing company brought out their own types of branded film and this is the 400 color negative version.


I took this film and my Canon SLR 500 along to London. It was winter (its fun when the pilot announces that the airport at your destination is closed due to snow and having to take a 4 hour cramped bus ride after 25 hrs of traveling). Now where was I? Oh yeah, London.

lomo 400 grain

Colorwise I thought this film was fine, it was just much noisier then expected. I don’t know if it was this particular roll or the scanning method, but having shot 400 color film before I didn’t expect the amount of grain.



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