Lomo 100 color negative Film Review

lomo 100 color 35mm (7)

I took these images at Thaipusam Singapore 2011 with Lomo negative color 35mm film and my Olympus Mju2, MjuII or Stylus Epic ( I should really just pick one and stick with it, right?)

lomo 100 color 35mm (6)

One of the Chinese devotees in the temple. He had a row of small pots filled with milk pierced to his back.

lomo 100 color 35mm (4)

I was shooting at about 9am so there was enough light in the temple for 100 film. The end result has a faint yellow feeling to it, but that can be the product of the scanning.

lomo 100 color 35mm (2)

One of the devotees preparing to get his cheeks pierced. The crowd around him shouts the same words, louder and louder until the metal skewer piercing his flesh.

lomo 100 color 35mm (5)

Again the yellowish tone of the film. I am not sure if I like it or not, it does give the pictures a distinct look and maybe more interesting than just the “normal” colors.

lomo 100 color 35mm (3)

lomo 100 color 35mm (1)


The above image was shot outside and it gives a much more vibrant picture then the ones shot inside the temple. It was probably the light conditions inside the temples that caused the yellowish tint. No noticeable grain which I wouldn’t expect from 100 film. I like it and would recommend it. I am not sure about the price since it was a gift, but knowing the people at Lomo it is probably more expensive then the film from Fuji and Kokak, something to consider.


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