Kodak Gold 100 Film Review

kodak small

My girlfriend gave my a bunch of these film she found back at her home. Kodak 200 Gold Korea color negative expired film. I quickly ran through a roll with my SLR and I was surprised at the vibrant color this expired roll was able to give me. The only downside is that this roll is for 27 exposures and at the photolab they charged me for 36.

Kodak Gold Expired





These were all taken in a place called Bugis. My favorite photolab is located there, so the last few shots of most rolls are taken there. Its a vibrant area with an interesting atmosphere, I like it more than the usual big brand fancy shopping malls in Orchard. Where else can you see a older dude practice calligraphy with his feet while upside down?




The following were taken during a trip to Bejing with my parents. Again the film delivers. This was not expired film, but a fresh roll, straight from the oven.


I love how vibrant the blue of her coat is.



These were taking in the 798 art district in Bejijng. An awesome place to walk around and discover. I wish every city had a place like this.







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