Kodak 160 VC Film Review

kodak vc 160 (1)

The following images were shot with Kodak 160 VC in my trusty Holga modified to create sprocketholes. They were taken in Seoul, South Korea.

kodak vc 160 (2)

Ride at Seoulland in South Korea. This was taken during the winter time and it was very cold, not the best timing to go on fast moving outdoors ride.

kodak vc 160 (3) copy

Lonesome tree looking overneath a parking lot.

kodak vc 160 (4)

On the roof of Leeum, Samgsung Museum of Art in Itaewon, Seoul. Unfortunately, due to snow and ice this part was inaccessible. This was as close as I could get. These are Spider sculptures created by Maman. I have seen other spiders before in Tokyo, Japan.

See here for the whole list. It would be nice to travel around and photograph them all.

kodak vc 160 (5)

I do not scan my own film. On the left is how I get the scanned negatives from a local film lab here in Singapore. I then post process the images myself. I use curves to establish white point and black points, this normally takes care of the blue look I had on all my images that I shot outside. Maybe due to the snow or snow, but most of my outside images shot in the sun where blueish. The images I should outside without the sun were all underexposed. The Holga doesn’t have manual settings and 160 is not a fast film especially in the winter time where the sun isn’t as bright.


It’s a decent film, but more suitable to use in a camera with more manual controls. I don’t think shooting this film in a Holga is doing it justice.


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