If the walls could speak

If the walls could speak (3)

When I used to live near Pittsburgh and I would drive through certain neighborhoods, I would immediately notice the wall-art. This wasn’t graffiti but Murals with a story. I loved driving through a typical neighborhood and come across a huge piece of art that covers the whole side of a building in bright colors.

If the walls could speak (5)

This wall art is often created by local artists with permission from the building owners.

If the walls could speak (4)

After driving through enough neighborhoods and making a mental map of the murals I wanted to photograph the most I went on my way on a snowy weekend. I had decided I didn’t want to just have one picture, but I wanted to create a collage of one subject. I had the works of David Hockney in mind. I could have probably shot it with one shot on my widest lens and then used photoshop to correct for wide angle lens distortions. But instead I wanted this type of collage just to give the image the sense of scale of some of these murals.

If the walls could speak (2)

There is a great deal of information on Pittsburgh murals here and also a very handy map to various murals including some of the ones I have presented here.

If the walls could speak (6)

I took these images some time ago. And if I would have done this today, I would have tried to include more foreground elements to give a sense of scale and placement of these murals. I don’t want to give the impression they exist in isolation , but are rather integral parts of these neighbourhoods.


If the walls could speak (1)


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