Fuji Sensia 100 Cross processed Review

sensia roll 100

Fuji slidefilm 100 Sensia. Shot with my Canon 500 and 50mm lens. The results have a strong contrast and heavy green tint. Not as green as previous tries with this film.

Not a great film to shoot people due to the skin color with but street scenes turn out decently.

Give it a try if you are a fan of the color green or shoot desolate street scenes. Probably my favorite Fuji slide film to cross process.

Sensia 100

Stepping all over Singapore

sensia 100 6

Rare sighting of Graffiti in Singapore ( off course this was government approved)

sensia 100 5

Kampong Glam.

sensia 100 4

Arab Street.

sensia 100 7

Hiding out.

sensia duo

Some editing trying to reduce the green tint and get more human like skin tones. Not easy working with scanned film.

sensia 100 2

Arab Street Mural.


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