Fuji Provia 400 Film review

provia 400 5

I shot this roll of expired Fuji Provia 400 with the intention of crossprocessing it but thinking back to the heavy green tinted images of those xpro images I decided to develop it as slide film. These were shot in my Olympus mju2 camera. The results were quite underexposed with a tint of blue to them. This was not what I had expected and I wasn’t really impressed with it. It could be due to the fact that the roll was expired and I never refrigerate my film. I did some photo editing on them, but it still wasn’t what I was expecting out of slidefilm.

provia 400

Singapore Chinatown Beer Lady.

provia 400 4

Prosthetics store in Seoul, South Korea

provia 400 2

Samgyeopsal in Jejudo South Korea. Grilled pork belly.

provia 400 3

Bored at Chinatown Hawker Center


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