Disderi three lens robot camera

disderi camera

The Disderi 3-lens toy camera also known as the Robot camera is plastic toy camera with either 2, 3 or even 4 lenses. I got the 3-lens version as a gift a couple of years ago.(thanks Dahmee!) It’s a very basic toy camera without a hot-shoe or viewfinder or any other type of setting. Since there are no settings, its better to load it up with fast film and head out on a sunny day. Find dynamic subject that really show the movement that this camera able of capturing. Not all three lenses fire at the same time, there is some type of wheel and the pictures get taken consequentially.

Below is the first roll of film I put through the Disderi a couple of years ago in the US. Probably taken with some Konica film that I used to be able to find for $1 at the dollar store under their “memories” brand.


disderi 2



Below are the latest results of pictures I got from the last roll of film I put through the Disderi. Taken in various places in Singapore. It was an expired roll of Fuji 100 Sensia film. It had some very pink highlights and green shadows. I used Photoshop to reduce the pink highlights.








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