Diptych: A Tale of Two Images

dip·tych ˈdip-(ˌ)tik: a work made up of two matching parts

In the pre-digital era these were created with half frame camera’s. I briefly discussed this before in my golden half review. Not everybody shot in this way, some people would cut the frame in two separating the two images, but some would compose with a diptych in mind, making sure that the two separate picture arranged together create one stronger image.
dyptich experiment 2

Now in the digital era this is done with Photoshop and with that in mind I had a walk around the central business district of Singapore to create diptychs. I am not happy with the results but I had fun thinking of combining two elements and how to frame and arrange. I looked at other diptychs people had created on flickr and I liked the unbalanced aspect. Both images don’t have to be the same size this creates some tension which I enjoy.

I think the next time I go out to shoot diptychs I want to combine elements not so obviously related yet still function together to create one image. A portrait session with the intent of creating diptychs also sounds like a fun challenge.


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  1. I love diptychs! Had written about making them recently: http://wp.me/p1Sgzv-1dq
    It’s great fun to create diptychs where the relation between the two images is not literal/direct. Enjoy!

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