Desolate Singapore

Laid back, with my mind on my theme and my theme on my mind

small desolate butter
Going out to shoot with a specific theme in mind can be very productive. Its helps you visualize images you may have otherwise not seen. It doesn’t prevent you from taking shots outside this theme but it allows you to structure each angle and perspective into whatever theme you are working with. You can revisit locations you have been to many times before and create new images by working within the boundaries of the theme.
small desolate butter 3

I went out last Sunday to the Central Business District of Singapore (CBD), with the theme “urban desolate” in mind. The first thing I did when I get there is to notice I had forgotten my memory cards. I then had a lunch in frustration, went home, took an angry nap and returned a few hours later. The CBD during weekdays is crowded place and walking around on Sunday is a stark contrast and I wanted my images to reflect that. I had some other themes I always enjoy as a standby, “street lines” is one of them and on my next post I will show a picture of that.
small desolate butter 2
Looking up the definition of desolation on gives me:

1. A state of complete emptiness or destruction.
2. Anguished misery or loneliness

That sounds stronger and harsher than what I wanted to portray so maybe words like empty or lonely are more applicable.

dyptich desolate singapore


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