Analog Paparazzi

I went to a party met some cool people and took some photos. This was actually the second party and I don’t quite recall all the details on how I got there. But the important facts were that A) there was a bathtub full of beer B) a kitchen full of Satay and peanut butter sauce C) friendly folks.

I brought along my Golden Half camera filled with Agfa Vista 400 film. And because it was indoors I brought along a flash which I was firing off camera with the help of some cheap Yongnuo flash triggers. This was my first time experimenting with it and the results weren’t too bad. I really like the fact that such a small camera has hot shoe. So if it’s there, why not use it?

Golden Half Flash (22)

Some of the photos were overexposed due to the 400 film plus non-adjustable flash and closeness of the flash and the blood-alcohol level of all involved parties. The photos were also very grainy which may be due to the expired film or the scanning of the lab I use. Around that time they had gotten new equipment and their scanning wasn’t great. At a later date when I will finally get a scanner will rescan these negs and see whose fault it is. Place your bets now ! Banzai !


Golden Half Flash (4)

On the left you can see the people handholding the flash. People were eager to get their photo taken by this weird small film camera and me handholding the flash.

Golden Half Flash (1)

Golden Half Flash (7)

Golden Half Flash (9)

The Golden Half is great for just firing of shots at a party , since you get 72 photos from this half-frame monster on a 36 exposure roll. Just make sure your flash can keep up. I was using a cheap $10 holga flash I got on Ebay, so the recycle time was quite slow.


Golden Half Flash (19)

Golden Half Flash (21)

Golden Half Flash (10)

Golden Half Flash (14)

Golden Half Flash (16)

Golden Half Flash (17)


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