How to make your own Lonely Planet Cover

Lonely planet covers (2)

I’ve mainly used lonely planet when traveling. I like their maps, their hostel reviews and strangely enough their lack of pictures allowing me to form my own vision of my destination in my head before being confronted with reality.

Lonely planet covers (3)

To create your own Lonely Planet cover select an image that speaks to you and has reasonably vibrant colors. It probably won’t represent the whole country since countries and cities are more complex than to be able captured in one photograph. Make sure it is visually pleasing and says something about the place.

Look for an image with the right balance of positive and negative space. And the negative space should be in the top part of the image to fit the title.

Lonely planet covers (1)

I found that the Lucida Sans font available in your basic Windows font collection is the nearest to the official Lonely Planet one. And the Lonely Planet blue logo can be found on Google image search, make sure to pick the highest quality one.

Lonely planet covers (4)

You can use any image editing software to put these three elements (title, logo and your image) together and Voilà; Your own Lonely Planet Cover. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.



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2 responses to “How to make your own Lonely Planet Cover

  1. Kim

    what font is used?

  2. You’ve used some excellent photos for your covers. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but the Singapore cover makes me feel like I was back there again. I’m also a big Lonely Planet fan, and I find that ‘Cabin’ font also works well for Lonely Planet cover titles.

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